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Mental Drive Client Ryan Marchand Leads Team to Championship

Updated: Jul 11

The New Taipei Kings win the PLeague+ Basketball Championship under the leadership of Coach Ryan Marchand. Coach Marchand has worked with Mental Drive for the past year. 

Coach Marchand reflects on his time spent with Dr. Josh Klapow of Mental Drive:  "I approached Josh at a unique time in my life where I needed help in my personal life, while needing to find an edge and take a step up professionally. Josh made me comfortable by talking about whatever is on my mind and not having to navigate all issues at once. If something in my personal life needed to be addressed, we addressed it. If we needed to figure out something professionally, we attacked that problem, too. Becoming more mindful and being able to think clearly with Josh’s guidance has changed my life. I don’t hide the fact that I needed help and I encourage others to do the same. The culmination of my first season working with Josh ended up with our team winning a League Championship, while also having the best finish in Champions League play from a team from Taiwan, ever! I wish I could have worked with Josh sooner and I look forward to continuing to better my life on and off the court with Josh’s help."

Ryan Marchand is the Head Basketball Coach, New Taipei Kings, P.League+. He was awarded The EuroBasket Coach of the year 2023-2024 as well as The P.League+ Coach of the year 2022-2023.

Read more about Jeremy and Joseph Lin winning the championship under the head coach Ryan Marchand in this Yahoo Sports article. 

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