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Joshua C. Klapow PhD Mental Drive Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist
“My training as a clinical psychologist allows me to help clients deeply understand how their specific thoughts, emotions and actions either help or hinder every aspect of their lives. As their coach, I then help them learn the skills to navigate any opportunity or challenge and ultimately reach their true potential in athletics, business, relationships, and life."
                                                                                          - Dr. Josh Klapow

Dr. Josh Klapow is a clinical psychologist and behavioral scientist uniquely qualified to seamlessly support his clients across a broad spectrum, but focuses on the mental drive of finance, business, and sports performance.


Joshua C. Klapow is a Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Scientist and Performance Coach. Dr. Klapow works with elite athletes, athletic organizations, executives, investors, and the businesses they are associated with.  

His coaching programs are designed specifically for this group of individuals and organizations who routinely are in high risk, high reward situations.  Who must navigate public scrutiny, realistic or unrealistic external expectations, and must thrive consistently under pressure.  Dr. Klapow’s approach to coaching is driven by a single, behavioral science theme; the delivery of any intervention must blend as seamlessly as possible with the cadence of a client’s routine. Timing is everything for optimal learning, improvement and change.  His coaching process is therefore uniquely personalized and never templated.
Scientific Credentials
Dr. Klapow’s credentials include being a Phi Beta Kappa alumnus of the University of California Los Angeles with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of California San Diego. He has authored over 100 scientific publications and written the book LivingSMART: Lifestyle Change Made Simple.
Business Experience
Dr. Klapow was also a co-founder of ChipRewards,
a privately held company with proprietary software that delivered incentive offerings to influence population health behaviors. ChipRewards grew to become one of the healthcare sector's largest engagement technology solutions. This success as an entrepreneur led him to be named one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 by Yahoo Business.

Media Personality
With his clients, confidentiality is the pillar of Klapow’s practice. But he strongly believes that the science of psychology must be made readily available to the public. He has made thousands of media appearances across a variety of television and radio outlets.
Dr. Klapow also created the MentalDrive Initiative.  A social media presence to bring the public the most inspiring, rigorous and useful information for improving life performance and achieving fulfillment and success.
(see: Instagram: @MentalDrive and TikTok: @mentaldrive).

Dr. Klapow sees his career achievements not as accolades, but as requirements. He does not take the designation of the “go to” person lightly. It’s not a gimmick nor a tagline. He believes that anyone who has the responsibility of coaching individuals and consulting with organizations to make the most critical personal, professional and societal decisions must bring extensive, credible experience that fits the needs of the client. He focuses daily on assuring that his clients are receiving his peak performance in order for them to achieve theirs.

Bio Verbiage


For information related to business opportunities, to schedule an interview, inquire about booking Dr. Josh to speak with your group, or to schedule an individual coaching, lifestyle coaching or psychotherapy appointment please contact Dr. Josh at


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