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Elite Athlete Performance coaching is designed to help athletes achieve next level success. 


The process provides athletes with specific performance psychology tools that are integrated into an overall program for the athlete.  The goal is to strengthen cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills for high performance in the most challenging athletic environments.


From injury rehabilitation, to breaking through performance barriers, to managing transitions to next level competition, Dr. Klapow works with athletes to assure their sports and life performance is optimal.   


See Dr. Klapow's video series "The Psychology of Being a Great Athlete".

Joshua C. Klapow PhD Mental Drive Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist


 Performance Coaching

Pictured with clients and 3-time National Champions.

Client of Joshua C. Klapow PhD Mental Drive Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist


 Performance Coaching

Client and former CMO of CVS.

Executive performance coaching focuses on helping individuals in all areas of business develop, refine and better leverage  cognitive, emotional and behavioral strategies for achieving greater levels of success.


From leadership skill enhancement, to interpersonal communication strategies, to high performance conflict resolution, to efficiency management, executive performance coaching provides support for furthering your career while also enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life. 


See Dr. Klapow's "Leadership Insights" video series. 

Dr. Klapow assists organizations with performance enhancement. Specifically providing support to address performance challenges, employee engagement leadership development, and adaptation to change.  He provides support at the organizational, division and individual level.  Dr. Klapow provides services ranging from written, audio and video content development, to strategic consultation, to individual performance coaching. His understanding of human behavior and behavioral science as it relates to workplace performance position him to serve an in-house change management and performance optimization resource working strategically and proactivity as well as in an “on-call” or “just in time” fashion  For more information, please contact Dr. Josh at (205)222-5353 or email

Joshua C. Klapow PhD Mental Drive Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist





Privacy is at the utmost importance. Our client list is confidential. References available upon request.

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