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It IS Possible

A problem vs. a challenge. An obstacle vs. a stepping-stone. A loss vs. a learning experience. Funny how the same situation can be looked at from different perspectives and have a totally different impact on us depending on how we look at it. Is it that easy? Just change your mind and you change your reality? Come on, man-that’s some shrink babble. But here’s the thing. It’s totally true. We can absolutely live in the real world, make our life decisions and choices based in reality and yet still use our minds to change our experiences. Think about it. Which sounds more appealing to you? A problem or a challenge? Most of us would say a challenge. The more we can look at the world in terms of what it holds for us versus what it keeps from us the more we will see the possibilities in life. Yes, there are limits. But those limits do not have to shut us down. They are only challenges, stepping-stones and learning experiences. So is the impossible always possible? Yes, if and only if you look at the impossible as a set of limits, challenges, stepping stones and ways to learn. If take the impossible and use it as a way to guide you towards the possible. There are so many options for us in life, down to the words we speak and the thoughts we have. For every impossible state, there are millions of possible ones. So the next time you are faced with an “impossible” situation, use it as your roadmap to steer you towards what is in deed possible. And by doing so you will have changed the impossible into the possible.


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