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When Intimacy Challenges Get To The Point That You Call In

From Dr. Josh:

On most Saturday nights I am frankly blessed to be able to explore intimate relationships with only the thinnest of filters. These are the things that impact us as adults and yet they are so often kept secret, quiet, in the background. The Web With Kurre and Klapow on WZRR Talk 99.5FMi s pushing all of this to the foreground. Last night was a great example. In this podcast you will hear two callers each whose life has been impacted by sexual health issues. In between, we have fun with a segment we call Spider Cracks. This is life. Laughs, issues, topics, and dead serious mixed in. Have a listen:

Listen LIVE to The Web with Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow as they untangle relationships one strand at a time. For more information check out

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