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"Work-Life Balance" Is BS

Dr. Josh's stance on "work-life balance"

"Work-life balance" is bullshit. Yes- bullshit. Let's look at the phrase itself. A balance between your life and your work? YOUR WORK IS ONE PART OF YOUR LIFE. We all need life balance. We need to be aware and diligent about balancing the facets of our lives. Work is one of them. Relationships, marriage, parenting, recreation, service, self-care. These are all equally important in the list. When we are in balance in our lives we are more efficient and we maximize our productivity. No- you can't be 100% dedicated in time and effort to work all the time. If your employer expects that of you - leave. An employer who understands that a healthy, balanced indivdual is a strong, resilient, energetic and productive indivdual is an employer who understands they are employing humans. Humans are diversified- they are not 100% dedicated to work 100% of the time. So to all of us -- we as employees and we as employers- let's cut the crap of "finding work-life balance" and lets recognize that we can produce, we can help our company, we can make money, we can do all of that and still spend adequate time in our roles as spouses, sons, daughters, members of our community. Trying to live a "work-life balance" life is trying to live a life that is not humanly possible." Joshua Klapow


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