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When There Isn't A Second Chance

Dr. Josh's take on Jalen Hurts's press conference:

"Life lesson here from Jalen Hurts following the loss to LSU and the end of his college football career. We always talk about second chances, making it right, repairing the situation gone wrong. But there are situations where that is not possible. Where we can never change the outcome, never go back and redeem the situation. We are faced with the reality that while our lives can go on, our history is sealed. These are truly devastating moments as we realize that the pain we feel can't be altered, it can only be processed. In this clip, we get a glimpse of just how heavy that feeling can be. Jalen will go on, will be successful, will thrive, but his history will be his history. Such a tough watch to see a young man come to this realization. It will make him more mature and stronger though."

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